Who is RAD Juice?

Hey! We're RAD Juice, your go-to source for cold-pressed juice awesomeness right in the heart of San Luis Obispo! RAD, short for Raw and Delicious, isn’t just a name - it’s a promise to deliver raw, unfiltered joy in every single bottle. With over 2 pounds of organic fruits and roots jam-packed into each and every bottle, these juices don’t just taste good, they are one of the healthiest things you can fuel your body with. We believe that treating yourself to a bottle of RAD is the most convenient way to supercharge your cells and keep your mind, body and soul feeling rad on the daily. Now ask yourself, why feel bad when you can feel RAD? Feel the vibes, ditch the bad. Life's a party when you drink RAD!

What are the benefits?

Juicing is the very best way to flood your cells with essential, life-giving nutrients. In the simplest terms, juicing extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables removing the fiber allowing you to consume the nutrients of 2 pounds of produce in one 16 ounce bottle of juice. Talk about radically supercharging your cells! When we sip on our juice all day long, we like to think of it as a nutrient IV, allowing our bodies to vibrate with radiant health.

This is the gift you are giving your body:

Our “Staples” consist of the following ingredients -


Rich in beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A in your body. Helpful for immunity, vision and nutrient absorption.


Mineral rich in potassium and folate and reduces inflammation (a leading cause of disease.) Neutralizes and cleanses toxins from the liver.


Beets are rich in folate (Vitamin B9) which helps cells grow and function. They also are scientifically proven to help relax your blood vessels which increases your blood flow and ultimately raises your cardiac output. We like to think of beets as a natural pre-workout supplement….which is why we created RAD Fuel!


One of the healthiest spices on the planet. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger which is responsible for reducing inflammation, aiding digestion, lowering cholesterol, reducing nausea and the biggest benefit in our eyes is it helps fight off sickness like the flu and common cold.


Turmeric’s most active compound, curcumin, can help fight off viral infections, including the rona.


Phytonutrients that help reduce oxidative stress, strengthening your immunity. Also supports the respiratory system.


Highly alkalizing and rich in vitamins A, C, K and magnesium.

Green Apple: 

Highly alkaline, anti-inflammatory fruit that helps cleanse the digestive tract.


Anti-aging and provides deep hydration to awaken your mind and body.

Dino Kale:

Antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system.

What are the results?

You can say peace out to the inflammation, toxins and brain fog existing throughout your mind and body and say hello to things like improved sleep, reduced food cravings, a brighter mood, focused attention and sustained energy!

What is the difference between RAD Juice that is raw and the juice found on the grocery store shelves?

Any juice that you find in a grocery store has been pasturized and is being stored in plastic bottles. There are three different pasturization processes with the most common on called HPP. HPP stands for high-pressure pasteurization which is a 3-part process that heats the juice to extend shelf life and kill any microorganisms or pathogens that may be present. The unfortunate thing is that it also kills off the life-giving, health-promoting raw enzymes which are the base of why cold-pressed, raw and delicious juice is so damn good for you.

If your juice is prepared properly and temperature controlled throughout the entire process (as RAD Juice is -- ensuring it remains at or below 41 degrees) raw juice is the healthiest, most nutrient dense, enzyme-rich way to enjoy your cold-pressed juice. It is truly a healing elixir that deeply cleanses and nourishes every cell of your body.

You simply cannot compare the health benefits of cold-pressed, raw vs. HPP juices. They are two completely different products. Since we use juice as a health booster and tool on our wellness path, RAD Juice is a 100% raw and delicious, cold-pressed product that we are extremely grateful to share with our community.

What does cold-pressed mean? Why is it so important?

Cold-pressed refers to the type of juicer and extraction process. The most important aspect to maintaining the integrity of the nutrients is what kind of juicer you use.

A centrifugal juicer, the juicer that most people have at home or juice chains use, degrades the juice via heat and oxidation (this juice will not last long). Slow masticating juicers are more expensive but they create a more nutrient dense juice that lasts longer.

The BEST type of juicer (which comes with a large investment and what we use to create your RAD Juice) is a juice PRESS. First the cold produce is ground and then pressed under thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the most concentrated dose of nutrients. This contributes to a longer shelf life (why RAD Juices are good for 5 days and not 2 or 3) and the highest integrity and juice quality. There is no heat involved which is a very important aspect of creating the best tasting, smoothest, richest and delicious grade juice out there.

Why the door-to-door delivery?

We think of ourselves as the modern day milk man - making it as easy and possible for you to nourish yourself with 100% raw, cold-pressed juice.

Want to pick up your juice instead or live outside of our delivery zone? You can select a pickup location and time window that works best for you during checkout.

Our current pickup locations are -


What is the recommended consumption?

Drinking 1 16oz bottle per day is recommended, while 2 is ideal. That’s why we designed the RAD Gold package, and recommend it to anyone getting started that wants to really feel the benefits drinking juice can give you. It’s 6 juices delivered two times a week (Tuesday and Friday) so you have 2 juices per day 6 days a week.

Are cold-pressed juices high in sugar?

Cold-pressed juices do contain natural sugars, but these are not the same as refined sugars and are put to use very differently in your body. Our bodies need and thrive on the natural sugars from fruits and vegetables. We aim for 80% vegetables to 20% fruit in all of our juices and focus on low sugar green apples only, with the exception of our fresh apple cider.


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